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Rental Need is continually searching for ways to broaden our solutions to enhance the value of the supply network. By pairing our innovative products and services with best-of-breed technology and service providers we give our customers the best tools available to run a successful business.

The Business Associate is one who perfectly complements and assists the company in its Endeavor to serve the requirements of the industry for Rental Need Services. The Business Associate will be involved in selling our services & products to different sector and in servicing customer requirements from time to time. HE will partner and evaluate the creation and performance of new and existing product offerings. The discriminating features of a business associate will include strong business acumen supported by an entrepreneurial nature and a desire to be a change driver in a modern Rental Need business.

Business Associate Eligibility

  • Generate orders in your area.
  • Ensure smooth and hassle free business operations and proactively resolve consumer problems.
  • Ensure collection of receivables.
  • Provide the site with portal content information on potential clients and allied services from time to time.
  • You must aware all the Rental Need needs in your Area

Business Associates Earning

The Business Associates Earning can earn handsome income on recurring basis by working on full time/part time basis with ease. A Business Associate can easily earn a five figure income per month. There is NO upper limit to the income which one can generate.

All services sold by the Business Associates will entitle them to a 15-30% commission of the Net Billing amount i.e. exclusive of all taxes and duties etc.

  1. The Business Associate shall be entitled to further slab based incentives as will be available from time to time.
  2. All commission will also be available on all renewal of services by the clients.
  3. Recruitment of every additional Business Associates will earn you a commission of Rs.2500/-

Role of a Business Associate (BA)

  1. To promote and sell various paid membership, banners, advertise, website and listing services among the Exporters and Importers and other related service providers.
  2. To promote and sell various advertising services like banners, classifieds and Pay Per Click ads etc. available on NNE's Rental Need portals across the world.
  3. To promote and secure sponsorships for
  4. To create a network of Business Associates.

How do you apply ? (Business Partner application process)

To apply to become a Business Associate you can:

  • Complete the online application form from the link below.
  • Our recruitment team proses your application and if they Satisfied, Interview latter submitted on your E-mail address.
  • After selection, you enter into a legal agreement with us.


Our SEO engineers keep the website at top position in Google search result in your city and area with specified category.

Our research Team will provide all the Requirement contact in your area. Our Research and marketing team provide all the necessary information and other documents.all your Query will be solved on priority Basis by our support team.

We regularly hold an Induction program for all our Business Associates. You will then be given a Promotional Material Package (which includes e-brochures, Company profiles, Demo Products, Documentation etc) needed to perform the above listed services. Our Sales Managers shall also provide training to your sales force and assist them in making sales calls from time to time. We shall also provide other sales promotion support services like seminars, road shows and, if required, make presentations to corporate in your area. We will equip you with the know-how of the products & with following tools:

  • Ready to deploy product suite
  • Comprehensive demo library
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales tools
  • Sales and technical support programs
  • Demand generation programs
  • Phone\fax\email based pre-sales
  • Web based partner resource center
  • Online Support 24x7

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